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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > I've been wanting an exponentiation operator since the Stone Age, but it 
> > seemed
> > like too small an issue to really make a point about.  This is terrific. 
> > However, can we at least consider making ^ the exponentiation op and moving 
> > xor
> > to ^^?  Yes, it breaks C compatibility, but who the heck really uses bitwise
> > xor except in really low-level code anyhow?
> Are we going to change around the other bitwise vs. logical operators as well?
> Confusion with the bitwise operators is why I'm against the choice of ^ or ^^
> for exponentiation.  Sooner or later, someone's going to expect ^^ to be the
> logical xor operator.

Logical xor is already in the language, its symbol is !=.

> But I don't know what would be a good symbol for it.  I'm not sure I've ever
> really liked **, aside from the current meanings of those two characters in
> sequence.  Maybe if only ↑ had remained on keyboards beyond ZX Spectrum
> days....

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