--- Comment #10 from Sobirari Muhomori <> 2009-11-30 
07:01:11 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> I'm sorry to bring the bike shed discussion here, but I would like to consider
> ** exponentiation. The reason is that writing ^^ for people with keyboards 
> with
> "dead keys" (to write accents for example) is very hard, because you have to
> write "^" like this: shift+6 space (3 keystrokes), or even worse (unless you
> use Emacs ;): shift+alt_gr+6.

If remeber it correctly, you don't have to type space in this case, just hit
shift+6 two times. Yes, the first hit will be the dead key hit, but the second
will yield ^^ at once.

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