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--- Comment #2 from Leandro Lucarella <> 2009-12-22 15:55:14 
PST ---
It is really necessary change the GC API to fix this? I think it's a really bad
idea to modify the GC API (add a function) just because dynamic arrays have
problems (I don't want to start over the discussion about dynamic arrays being
broken :).

If you absolutely need this new function: BlkInfo gc_malloc_bi(size_t sz, uint
ba = 0); then maybe it's better to change the existing regular gc_malloc() to:
void*  gc_malloc(size_t sz, uint ba = 0, BlkInfo bi = null);

The advantage is that it's API-backward compatible and doesn't introduce a new
function to the GC API and the downside is it's not binary-backward compatible,
but I don't think people care much about this in D.

The inability to pre-allocate can be a little bad too, but it was awkward
anyway, so providing a better way to do so can be a good thing after all.

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