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(In reply to comment #3)
> It's not *necessary* to change the API to fix this, but it is hugely
> advantageous.  If you want to know the block size of the chunk you just
> allocated, the current API requires *another* lock of the GC, and a search
> through the pools.  All the info is there in malloc, it's just not returned.
> BTW, just an additional size parameter would suffice (this is how gcx handles
> the allocation).  Having it return a BlkInfo struct is convenient because that
> is the data type I'm working with when setting allocated length.

Yes, that seems reasonable since BlkInfo is already part of the API.

> And introducing a new function is just as backwards compatible as adding a new
> optional parameter to a current function.

I know that, but it adds complexity to the API, and seems a little weird since
gc_malloc() and gc_malloc_bi() are basically the same.

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