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Answer to BCS: I think this is the most important bug I've filed among the
first 15 ones.
The standard way to import must be the one that's tidy, that is not importing
all names randomly into the namespace. If you have functions, they can use
global values coming from a module, and you don't know from what module they
come from.

If you really really want to import all the names in a namespece I've shown you
a very easy syntax to do that:
import std.stdio.*;
It's just 2 chars longer than the current syntax you use:
import std.stdio;
So you don't wear your fingers out if you want to use that all times.

>There already exist way to use import where the fully qualified name is still
needed (IIRC static imports) so that covers the one case.<

That's the wrong default.

>With the modification, in the normal case, it becomes impossible to, in the
same module, use fully qualified names and to not use them.<

And this (if I understand you correctly) is good. Because newbies (and all
people coming from Python) people will understand this tidier behaviour faster.

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