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I can show you some funny examples, this is a reduced bug that comes from real
code (not written by me) (this codes currently compiles, but it's not good):

import std.c.stdio;
enum int BUFFSIZE = 2048;
long[BUFSIZ] foo;
void main() {}

The basics of systems theory tells that to improve the reliability of an
engineering system you have to put discipline in how its subsystems interact to
each other. Reducing unwanted interactions among subsytems improves reliability
a lot. D module system is not tidy, there can be unwanted interactions that
lead to bugs.
The module system of Python doesn't share this vulnerability, it's designed in
a logically tidy way.
Overload sets introduced in D can't fix the situation, they are just a patch on
a situation on a module system design that is logically unsound.

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