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--- Comment #1 from Andrej Mitrovic <> 2010-08-24 
07:31:19 PDT ---
I don't know about Linux (I might try it in a VM if you want me to), but on
Windows I can compile the collection in 27 seconds:

C:\d2\dcollections>timeit build-lib-win32.bat unittest

C:\d2\dcollections>dmd -unittest unit_test.d  dcollections\ArrayList.d
.d dcollections\DefaultFunctions.d dcollections\Hash.d dcollections\HashMap.d
set.d dcollections\HashSet.d dcollections\Iterators.d dcollections\Link.d
dcollections\LinkList.d dc
ollections\RBTree.d dcollections\TreeMap.d dcollections\TreeMultiset.d
dcollections\TreeSet.d dcolle
ctions\model\Addable.d dcollections\model\Iterator.d dcollections\model\Keyed.d
ist.d dcollections\model\Map.d dcollections\model\Multiset.d
running unit tests...

Version Number:   Windows NT 5.1 (Build 2600)
Exit Time:        4:29 pm, Tuesday, August 24 2010
Elapsed Time:     0:00:27.328
Process Time:     0:00:00.015
System Calls:     161445
Context Switches: 36381
Page Faults:      165602
Bytes Read:       10062897
Bytes Written:    5792330
Bytes Other:      131570

This is with DMD 2.046 as stated in the Readme. Do you need my system specs?

With the newer 2.048 I get errors:

C:\d2>build-lib-win32.bat unittest

C:\d2>dmd -unittest unit_test.d  dcollections\ArrayList.d
ctions\Hash.d dcollections\HashMap.d dcollections\HashMultiset.d
dcollections\HashSet.d d
nk.d dcollections\LinkList.d dcollections\RBTree.d dcollections\TreeMap.d
llections\model\Addable.d dcollections\model\Iterator.d
dcollections\model\Keyed.d dcolle
Map.d dcollections\model\Multiset.d dcollections\model\Set.d
std.contracts has been scheduled for deprecation. Please use std.exception
dcollections\HashSet.d(28): Error: template std.algorithm.find(alias pred = "a
== b",R,E)
ryFun!(pred)(haystack.front,needle)) : bool)) does not match any function
template declar
dcollections\HashSet.d(28): Error: template std.algorithm.find(alias pred = "a
== b",R,E)
ryFun!(pred)(haystack.front,needle)) : bool)) cannot deduce template function
from argume
dcollections\HashSet.d(301): Error: template instance
dcollections\HashSet.d(996):        instantiated from here: HashSet!(ubyte)
running unit tests...
'.\unit_test' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

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