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I see that core.sys.posix.time currently has daylight for just linux and
timezone for linux, OSX, FreeBSD, and Solaris (I didn't even know that there
_was_ a Solaris version of anything in druntime!). tzname isn't declared for
any of them. Personally, I'd argue for moving tzset to core.sys.posix.time and
the _* functions such as _tzset to the appropriate place in the Windows
hierarchy instead of having them in core.stdc.* simply because they _aren't_
standard C, but that's up to Sean I guess.

In any case, I notice that daylight is not declared in core.sys.posix.time for
OSX, and std.datetime _has_ been declaring it for all of Posix (hence bug
#5616) due to it missing in druntime, and it's been working on Mac OS X, so I'm
pretty sure that we can declare daylight for OSX in core.sys.posix.time (we
might want to verify that though). That would actually make that block of
declarations identical on linux and OSX.

But tzname needs to be set on all of them still regardless. Since, I'm having
to fix std.datetime to not require daylight on Posix, I'll remove the
declaration for it from std.datetime (though until OSX is fixed to have
daylight in core, OSX will unfortunately, use the less desirable workaround),
but until tzname is added to druntime, I'll have to leave it declared in

Actually, I think that I'll create a pull request or two for the appropriate
changes (dividing them up as seems appropriate) and Sean can then pick which
ones he thinks are appropriate.

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