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> Yes and no.  Consider right now (although I think David fixed this), we
> allocate a bit for every 16 bytes of a page, even if the whole page is a 
> block.

Yes, I did fix this.  Now it's every 16 bytes for small (<1 page) allocations
and every page for large (>= 1 page) allocations.

> > 2. devise a 'state machine' instead that the gc executes for a type. The 
> > state
> > machine has instructions like "advance n bytes to the next pointer" and "the
> > next pointer is ambiguous" and "execute the following sequence n times."
> This could be a viable solution, but I think all we need would be one
> descriptor type:
> offset x has bitmask Y repeated N times.
> where the offset is optional, and describes the offset from the previous
> bitmask.

This is roughly what I did in my initial patches.  The comments at the top of
the file describe it in more detail.  See

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