Jakob Bornecrantz <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|DMD                         |Phobos
            Summary|DMD version 1.064 and above |Phobos version 1.064 and
                   |causes segfaults in C       |above causes segfaults in C
                   |libraries                   |libraries

--- Comment #1 from Jakob Bornecrantz <> 2011-05-15 
18:22:55 PDT ---
So I built what I think where 3 different versions of the dmd D1 compiler from
the git repository:

1.063 @ 960cfede4f63e1a730a11464827b70ecd714aaf4
1.064 @ 03309e5c0f05d7e599e847b2d89aa2a93a426304
1.065 @ 8fb6d9a935b7b51ca6caf8e26c94125fc317b434

All of these worked when I just dropped them into linux/bin/ of the dmd.1.063
release, this makes me believe that this is strangely enough a phobos issue.

Cheers Jakob.

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