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> You're talking about two completely separate issues, both of which are
> enhancements.  This issue is about providing a clearer error message without
> changing the spec.

Walter has accepted one of the enhancement requests I was talking about (the
one about pure functions).

I was not aware the second too is an enhancement request, but after re-reading
that part of the D specs I see you are right. So technically your error message
is correct. But it's hard to keep in memory all the D specs, especially for D
newbies. So I suggest a longer and more wordy error message, because this error
message is not easy enough to understand.


According to the D specs this code is illegal, is your patch raising an error
on it?

pure int sqr(int x) { return x * x; }
void main() {
    return sqr(10);


According to the current D specs this code is correct:

int sqr(int x) { return x * x; }
void main() {
    return sqr(10);

But I can't see this as correct, it's bug prone. So bug 3922 was not a dupe, it
was an ehancement request! I have to reopen it.

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