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PDT ---
There's plenty more that needs to be done for D2 to be properly stable and
"complete." And even once it's fully stable, we can make changes which don't
break backwards compatibility. But I don't think that we're going to be wanting
to make much in the way of breaking changes at that point. Certainly, any such
changes will have to have very good reasons for being made.

However, we _are_ past the stage where the language is fully malleable. It's
supposed to be essentially stable with changes made as necessary to stabilize
it and make it so that all of the existing features are properly usable. We're
not looking to add or alter features left and right anymore. In that sense, D2
_is_ reaching the end of its development roadmap. At this point, most of the
work is going towards stabilizing and completing existing features, not adding
new ones.

But regardless of that, my point is that Bearophile is constantly asking for
language changes, and the fact that he's constantly asking for them means that
we couldn't possible implement them all even the language were still completely
malleable. He can't expect us to implement them all. And the fact that he asks
for so many means that each of them tends to get lost. It may be that most of
them are quite valuable and excellent ideas, but if he wants them to be paid
attention to, he's going to need to focus on the more important ones.

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