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PDT ---
Ah. I should have read more carefully. I thought that you said "Careful
Jonathan, you're talking as if D2 is _at_ the end of the development roadmap
for D as a language," meaning that D2 is near the end of its development -
which in theory, it is. I misunderstood. You meant that D2 is not the end, and
I was talking like it was.

No, D2 is not the end of D's development. Presumably, we'll have a D3
eventually, so maybe such enhancement requests are worth keeping around for
that, but we probably should go through and clean many of them up. And if we
truly think that a particular enhancement request is never going to happen,
then it should be removed. This one _might_ happen in D3, so that would be an
argument for keeping it around. I'd definitely like to see the cruft removed
from bugzilla though so that there isn't as much that we have to sift through.
And I think that the fact that enhancement requests generally do need someone
championing them still holds, so just having it in bugzilla isn't going to lead
to it being implemented for D3, even if it _is_ a good idea.

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