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See also bug 4579


Another handy sub-feature. Sometimes you have tuples with N items, but you only
want to unpack some of them. This syntax doesn't work because "_" is a valid
variable name (and even if there's only one of them I don't want to define a
"_" variable):

auto t = tuple(1, 2.5, "hello", 'Z');
immutable (x1, void, s1, void) = t; // only x1 and s1 constants are created

Some "dontcare" syntax like that void is useful for issue 596 too:

import std.typecons: Tuple;
alias Tuple!(int, "x", int, "y") Foo;
void main() {
    auto f = Foo(1, 2);
    switch (f) {
        case Foo(1, void): break; // any Foo with x==1, don't care y
        default: break;

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