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> We should step back and figure out what we want to do with tuples in the much
> more general case.

I think this point is mostly solved, because while tuples are useful for many
different purposes and situations, such purposes are well known. Languages like
Python, Haskell and Scala show and contain most significant usages for tuples.

> I am nervous we are building a special case for tuples. I think
> any expansion of tuple support should be part of a more comprehensive design
> for tuples.

I agree. This is why I have created issue 6383 . It deals with more general
idea of unpacking. Issue 6383 doesn't cover all possible situations, but they
are enough to start.

> If we grow tuple support by adding piecemeal special cases for this and that,
> without thinking about them more globally, we are liable to build ourselves
> into a box we can't get out of.

I have done my best. But the discussion has stopped.
So my suggestion is to put this in the next DMD release as *experimental*
feature, and let people:
1) Try it and find what's good and bad of it through practical experience, and
even trial and error;
2) Use this concrete implementation as a trampoline to think in abstract about
that good and bad of this current design.

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