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> The core issue is that your gcc is linking PIE by default but
> PIC support for dmd still has some bug and probably would need
> more that -fPIC to support PIE. Currently you should pass
> -fno-pie to gcc for linking.
> Please help to find out why --export-dynamic is involved.
> Does it trigger alter the PIE behavior?

How do I find this out?

> What's the backtrace of your segfault core dumps?

Also, how do I find this out?
Running the program just makes it print "Segmentation fault"; there is no
backtrace for me to copy.  Maybe I am missing something (where would I find a
core dump for this?).

> Please list any linker warnings you get
> (-Wl,--verbose for gcc or -L--verbose for dmd).

Stock DMD v2.057
chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ which dmd

chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ cat main.d
import std.stdio;

void main()
        writefln("hello world!");

Without -m32 it isn't able to compile my program:

With -m32 it does, but segfaults:

32-bit dmd:
chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ which dmd


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