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> I would suggest the problem is with the way gdc is doing alignment.
>     align:
> means the default alignment that matches the C compiler. dmd and gdc need to 
> do
> whatever it takes to make that happen. Adding another align directive just
> confuses things.

>From the spec:
Align Attribute specifies the alignment of struct members. align by itself sets
it to the default, which matches the default member alignment of the companion
C compiler.

GDC matches the companion GCC compiler, in that we have a callback to get the
field alignment for the type, which may not necessarily the same as the type
alignment, as some architectures (i.e. i386) limit struct field alignment to a
lower boundary than alignment of some types of variables.

>From the spec:
Integer specifies the alignment which matches the behavior of the companion C
compiler when non-default alignments are used. 

GDC matches the companion GCC compiler here as well, in that:

struct S {
    align(4) byte a; // placed at offset 0
    align(4) byte b; // placed at offset 4

This is achieved by adding a declalign field in VarDeclaration that takes
precedence over the type align.

This I think is different from how DMC++ treats the align attribute, which is
where the conflict of interest arises.

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