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(In reply to comment #24)
> Moreover, when we finally get the types, there will still be users on older
> compilers (DM or third-party, possibly commercial), even some on platforms for
> which an up-to-date compiler is not yet available, who can't compile other
> people's code because it uses syntax that is still illegal in the version they
> have.  The sooner this issue is dealt with, the less risk of this happening.

This is unlikely to ever be a problem.  D2 compilers break enough code (wrong
or not) between versions that using one a couple of releases old probably won't
compile your code anyway.  Of course, this will hopefully change in the future.

The bigger issue that makes this less of a waste of time is that D compiler
with different backends, or running on different backends, may choose not to
implement cent/ucent, and if they do this in the parser then the code will be
non-portable.  The proposed patch is a much more correct solution to this

Regardless, there is a patch for this issue already out there which is waiting
for review.  I don't think discussing it further at this point will achieve

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