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2012-06-04 09:38:21 MSD ---
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> I really don't know how the documentation could be much clearer.

Once it will have examples showing what asserts have to/may/shouldn't pass
and/or (I prefer and) what optimizations can be done. Even Setting Dynamic
Array Length section has such examples but it is far more simple.

> As for stuff like strlen, in that case, you're doing the @system thing of
saying that yes, I know what I'm doing.

And the missing now words "What exactly does these pure functions consider as
value` and as `returned value`" from my original question because it's treated
by someone as "only pointer dereferencing" and by someone "access to any
logically accessible address".

Again, all misunderstanding of pure functions in D can be easily solved by just
adding (lots of) examples with difficult cases into docs.

IMHO, Jonathan M Davis e.g. will save at least lots of his time (yes, and our
time too) by just adding such examples with minimal comments into docs instead
of writing such big answers.

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