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PDT ---
You should just try the latest master. I honestly don't want to spend the time
digging through your code to try and figure out what's wrong with it. It's much
simpler if you can present an example which exhibits the problem. But for all I
know, your problem has been fixed in git already, and it'll be easier for you
to test that than anyone else.

You'll need to grab dmd, druntime, and Phobos from here:

build them all, and then use those, which would involve building dmd, then
making sure that your system is using the new dmd, then building druntime and
Phobos and making sure that your system is using them (which involves altering
your dmd.conf or sc.ini file). It's not hard to deal with (particularly in
Linux thanks to symlinks) once you've got it set up, but it might be a bit of a
pain to figure out exactly

Alternatively, you could use dvm ( ) to
download and build it using its compile command. I've never used dvm, but it's
supposed to be quite easy to use. It's a tool for managing dmd, and will allow
you to install a specific compiler version or build the latest from github.

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