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> Maybe. But I'm not completely convinced that it would break all that much code
> - particularly since I would have expected any code using Unqual to be written
> with the intention of stripping _all_ of the qualifiers (as the documentation
> says).

But, getting type stripped full qualifiers is much unsafe than just top.

  const string s = "Hello";   // const(immutable(char)[])
  auto mutable_s = cast(Unqual!(typeof(s)))s;  // ???

In many cases, current Unqual is used with unsafe casting, even if it is bad
idiom. Changing the implementation of Unqual will become such codes *more*
unsafe silently.
(As far as I know, Phobos doesn't have such bad using. I'm talking about the
user codes written by programmers don't know well about const/immutable type

And in (sadly) few cases that uses Unqual correct way, it will change codes
from safe to unsafe.

  Stripping top qualifier of array/string types:

> If we don't make the change though, we need a new template similar to
> Unqual (FullUnqual? RecUnqual?) which really _does_ strip all of the
> qualifiers.


Or, add new two templates, one removes just top qualifier, another does all
qualifiers. I think this is the best way, but have no idea about their names...

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