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--- Comment #8 from 2012-09-05 06:03:29 PDT ---
>And overload resolution occurs _before_ accessibility is checked

Not until we fix Bug 3254. The same bug thing now applies to the template
access checks.

>Private symbols are perfectly visibile. They're just not accessible.
>You can check out this explanation with regards to C++ (which is essentially
the same)

>However, it _would_ be really nice if we could at least make it so that private
functions weren't considered in overload resolution.

In C++ headers are common and allow to hide implementation symbols. D's current
workaround are handwritten di files (object, core.thread) but we need a better
solution that is scalable and doesn't add redundancy. So far I only came up
 HideModuleMembers which hides protected module level symbols but keeps access
checks and overloading for nested scopes.

Probably it's time to rediscuss this on the mailing list.

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