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> > It shouldn't be. The summary obviously describes horribly broken behaviour.
> It describes how it works in C++


> which is exactly how it works in D. It's that way by design,

This does not matter either. It is an incorrect design.

> and anything else would require that the language be changed.
> What many have argued for is that private symbols should be hidden (or at 
> least
> not be considered in overload resolution when not accessible or otherwise 
> cause
> conflicts with accessible symbols), which I think would be a major 
> improvement,

These are not conflicts. The compiler is deliberately lying about this.

> but that's not the way that it currently works or is ever expected to work
> unless you can convince Walter to change it.

Introducing a private module scope symbol currently is a breaking interface
change (even in code that does not use any metaprogramming!) This is

I assume that Walter will figure it out.

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