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> Looks like you are still correct. I'm still looking at the desire for useful
> traversal of a filesystem.

OK, let's explore that:
> I do not see sorting as a solution. I really do not care if the dir is before
> the file. What is useful is recieving all children before traversing children.

Are you saying you want a real breadth-first search to be implemented? Fine, we
can do that, if it's useful. Note though that it'll intersperse children, e.g.

etc. - so directories 1 and 2 become increasingly interleaved.

> I usually end up ignoring directories anyway. So I'm thinking your origional
> suggestion for childrenFirst and parentFirst is actuall what is useful and 
> does
> not need too abide by actual traversal rules, only usefulness.

I intended those as alternative names instead of 'postorder' and 'preorder'
(respectively) - I didn't intend to suggest any other behaviour.

What behaviour do you want? Do you want all of the first-level files and
directories (as if starting a breadth-first), followed by all subsequent levels
in depth-first order? See I would argue that that's very specific, not
intuitive in the general case, and best implemented using two separate calls to
the function with different arguments:

auto firstLevel = dirEntries("a", SpanMode.shallow);
foreach (file; firstLevel) {
  if (file.isDir()) {
    ... = dirEntries(file, SpanMode.preorder);

Or do you want something else? I think this needs clarifying, since there's
obviously a misunderstanding in our interpretation of "parentFirst", and
"usefulness" is a goal, not a spec.

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