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--- Comment #7 from Daniel Kozak <> 2012-10-23 07:02:09 PDT ---
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> While programming in D I have seen that you can forget that the "byte" is
> signed. (Because normally I think of bytes as unsigned entities. Other people
> share the same idea). (It's similar but not equal to the situation of signed
> and unsigned chars in C).
> There are several ways to solve this small problem. One of the simpler ways I
> can think of is to deprecate the "byte" type name and introduce a "sbyte" type
> name (that replaces the "byte" type name). Using a sbyte it's probably quite
> more easy to not forget that it's a signed value.
> This introduces an inconstancy in the naming scheme of D integral values (they
> are now symmetric, ubyte, byte, int, uint, etc), but it can help avoid some
> bugs, especially from D newbies.

I think byte should be unsigned by default. So I am for sbyte(signed byte - Is
there really anyone who need it?) and byte (unsigned byte)

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