On 6/29/20 5:14 AM, ichneumwn wrote:
Dear all,

Is there some facility in D for a single statement/function call that will wait on both file descriptors, like Socket.select(), and will also wake up when there is something to be receive()'d?

Not in the standard library. Such things require an event framework, because there is no OS-agnostic provided mechanism to sleep on all these things at once.

I recommend looking through code.dlang.org. I found these:

https://code.dlang.org/packages/mecca (this seems very underdocumented, but I know it provides such a system)

One solution would be to have my main thread use receive() and a helper thread that does the select() call and sends a message to the main thread. That seems a bit of overkill however.

I don't know the correct way to solve this, I've done it in the past by creating a file descriptor that can be waited on to wake up the target along with any other file descriptors being waited on.


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