On Sunday, 30 April 2023 at 17:51:15 UTC, Eric P626 wrote:

So what language do you recommend:
* Keep everything in plain C
* Use C patched with macros to gain some language features like Foreach
* Use BetterC for everything
* Use D for the games, and better C or C for the libraries(To keep some compatibilities)
* Use D for everything, no C compatibility.

If you have other suggestions or questions let me know.

My recommendation would be to acclimate to D, use it with a C style, but do it in normal D (with bindbc bindings to C libraries like SDL or, considering where you are coming from, raylib). You could use BetterC for sure, but it's more practical in the long term to just learn to live with the GC: it is a one-time mental cost.

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