On Monday, 1 May 2023 at 09:17:14 UTC, Eric P626 wrote:
This is a false dilemma: D has full C compatibility.

From what I understand, D can use C, but C cannot use D? It's like C++: C++ can call C but C cannot call C++.

50% or more of my code will be put in re-usabled libraries. If I want people to use those libs, I would need to compile them in C or better C. Because betterC seems to create C libraries. If D can make C libraries, then indeed, I could do everything in D.

D can make C libraries, BetterC or no.

The difference is that a vanilla D library has a DRuntime dependency, meaning the runtime has to be initialised. You can do that by either writing the `main()` function in D, or manually initialising the runtime from C before calling other D functions. Not sure of the specifics but I'm sure it's not too hard. Seems the C-linked functions in [core.runtime](https://dlang.org/phobos/core_runtime.html#.Runtime.initialize) ought to do the trick.

In BetterC, there is no DRuntime that needs initialising, but for a common application DRuntime is worth the hassle to initialise it many times.

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