On Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at 16:50:12 UTC, karabuta wrote:
I am almost done with the "programming in D" book. Where will you suggest a go from there. My current focus is on network programming, database systems, data manipulation and software architectures for database related apps(mostly Linux platforms with D).

I am aiming to become a hardcore and better coder(quality code) than you :) Please suggest.

I'd probably skim thru the Language Reference and Phobos. After that I would practice using Ranges and get a better grasp on the functions in std.algorithms. std.algorithm has some good stuff for dealing with data. Since you want to do Network programming I would suggest Vibe.d and read thru the source of it. Also whatever DB you normally use check out the projects for those drivers and maybe contribute as some need ppl. Since you say you want to become "hardcore" I would suggest porting some popular libraries over to D. After that maybe look to get involved in Phobos and/or the compiler of your choosing.

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