On Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at 17:21:16 UTC, David DeWitt wrote:
On Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at 16:50:12 UTC, karabuta wrote:
I am aiming to become a hardcore and better coder(quality code) than you :) Please suggest.

I'd probably skim thru the Language Reference and Phobos.

Just to add to this - the quality and style of the code in Phobos varies greatly from module to module, mostly as a function of age. Many of the older Phobos modules were designed before anyone really knew how to use D2 properly.

The newer modules are generally of high quality and reflect a more mature understanding of the language; I strongly suggest surveying the code base as a whole before studying any one module too closely - otherwise you might pick up some bad habits from the more out-dated parts of Phobos.

Also, if you're looking for examples of good, idiomatic code, stay away from DMD (which was only recently converted to D, and still contains many artifacts of its C++ heritage) and D runtime, which hasn't benefited from the same high level of attention and continual reworking as Phobos.

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