On Sunday, 13 March 2016 at 19:28:57 UTC, karabuta wrote:
Any help on where I can get better leaning materials(GtkD)? Repo, blogs post, etc please

there isn't much about GtkD specificly, but as a start there is this: https://sites.google.com/site/gtkdtutorial/

If you get the basics from that site how the D specific stuff works you can just follow some other tutorials like PyGTK, GTK#, gtkmm, etc.

I think the closest are GTK# and the one for Vala.

But gtkd is just a nice wrapper for gtk. I'm not really someone who can write tutorials but you or someone else could make some tutorials for it. Might attract more people.

If you want to find the D function name for some C gtk function you can just search for the function in their github repository: https://github.com/gtkd-developers/GtkD

and in the (not quite complete) documentation you can find widgets you might want to use. Its a great place for getting ideas on which widgets to use imo. http://api.gtkd.org/src/gtk/AboutDialog.html

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