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> Gtk3 from python3 has got I nice book with examples that are not 
> so advanced but enough to get you doing real work(from a beginner 
> point of view). GtkD seem to have changed the API structure 
> compared to python3 Gtk3 and the demo examples just "show-off" 
> IMO :). The documentation is really^ not good :)

Each programming language will have a slightly different idiomatic way
of working with GObject introspection, so it is no surprise that the
Python API to GTK+3 is somewhat different to the D one. (And then there
is gtkmm.)

The D source binding creation appears not to deal with the comments
(which would be very hard I suspect) so they retain their original C-
ness. This can be very irritating, and indeed annoying. However, at
least there is:


Do not be confused by the URL or the start point, it is actually the
full API, just with a weird UX. Mayhap some of us should club together
and make this better. 

The demos in:


are OK for initial learning, but seemingly rapidly run out of
usefulness. Which leads to my feeling that there are far too few
examples of GtkD use out there that are:

a. Idiomatic.
b. Up to date.
c. Reviewed and recognized as good.

As Gerald points out he has a couple of applications that are useful
for various approaches and techniques.


> Any help on where I can get better leaning materials(GtkD)? Repo, 
> blogs post, etc please

There is my own adventure into using GtkD, especially the GStreamer
binding, I have no idea if this is good code, and it may soon have to
stop being FOSS (and so will stagnate).


What we need here is a collection of people reviewing each others GtkD
code and having a listing board somewhere on the GtkD site of all the
codes available and what they show. It is the annotations as much as
the code itself that is needed for learning.

Without comparative review, we may end up propagating bad code and bad
GTK use.

So rather than just email as here, we should be looking to create a
"living document" on the wiki – not an historical type thing but an
always up-to-date, curated document. 

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