On Tuesday, 26 July 2016 at 15:11:00 UTC, llaine wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm using D since a few month now and I was wondering why people don't jump onto it that much and why it isn't the "big thing" already.

Everybody is into javascript nowadays, but IMO even for doing web I found Vibe.d more interesting and efficient than node.js for example.

I agree that you have to be pragmatic and choose the right tools for the right jobs but I would be interested to have other opinion on thoses questions.

My personal opinion is that the two biggest problems are

1) it has no unique selling point (USP):

Rust - memory-safety, Go/NodeJS - web app, Python/Julia - scientific computing, R - statistics, Matlab/Mathematica/Octave - numerical programming, Haskell -
pure functional, C - kernels, controllers, embedded

While the Areas of D Usage (https://dlang.org/areas-of-d-usage.html) is just a brief overview, D can compete with all of these areas.

2) It has no big player with money behind it.
Rust (Mozilla), Go (Google), NodeJs (Joyent), ... - having dedicated resources helps a lot to let a project takeoff.

That being said it's an awesome language that can rule them all, adoption is rising slowly, but steadily & hopefully with the D Foundation being a non-profit organization real money (http://forum.dlang.org/post/qaskprdxmshpabara...@forum.dlang.org) flows in.

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