On Tuesday, 26 July 2016 at 15:11:00 UTC, llaine wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm using D since a few month now and I was wondering why people don't jump onto it that much and why it isn't the "big thing" already.

Everybody is into javascript nowadays, but IMO even for doing web I found Vibe.d more interesting and efficient than node.js for example.

I agree that you have to be pragmatic and choose the right tools for the right jobs but I would be interested to have other opinion on thoses questions.

I think we need more frameworks like vibe.d to build things with them. Currently there is not much so only a class of programmers will find the language useful.

Another thing is that the language is not marketed well enough. Someone need to handle marketing of the language, like real marketing. Most people are still unaware of D.

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