On 19/10/2016 1:03 AM, Alfred Newman wrote:
Hello and greetings,

I'm a brand new D developer coming from Python.

I decided to move to D, mainly because it's a compiled language and has
a great runtime speed (and I don't feel confortable at Cython
environment at all). And of course, D has a nice community and the
language has nice syntax too... and is a joy to code with.

However, I have some important production code in Python to migrate to D
and every help will count !

So, can you pls guys suggest me any resource like "D for a Python
Developer" or so ? BTW, I just ordered the "D Programming Language" book
from AA.


TDPL is a great book to get an idea of what D is meant to do.
But it isn't completely matching up to what D is today.
There is an errata which contains errors with corrections[0].

You may also want to take a look at[1].
Otherwise browse the official spec, that is the way I learned.

Once you've got some of the basics down p0nce has a great D idioms resource[2].

If you run into trouble, please join us in #d on Freenode (IRC).
Much easier to help solve problems since it is interactive there.

[0] http://erdani.com/tdpl/errata/
[1] http://tour.dlang.org
[2] http://p0nce.github.io/d-idioms/

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