On 04-08-17 17:24, Gerald wrote:
On Friday, 4 August 2017 at 15:08:27 UTC, Mike Wey wrote:
Improving the documentation is something i want to do but there are always some more important things to do. Like the Questions/Issues you posted earlier.

So unless somebody volunteers it won't happen anytime soon.

Mike I had contributed the makeddox.sh script awhile ago, it generates much nicer documentation then candydocs in my IHMO and includes a nice search box. If there is something lacking in it that needs to be improved before it can be used let me know and I'll do the work.

The only issue with it that I am aware of is you need to manually copy the public ddox css into the generated folder. I didn't see an easy way to determine it's location automatically.

One issue is the shear size of the generated documentation, though the current version of ddox no longer generates a ton of unused files bringing the size down from 15-20GB to a mere 2GB.

So it has at leased become manageable to host it on the VPS that hosts gtkd.org.

Now remains figuring out setting up the proper redirects on the server, and a few personal preferences about ddox:

The need to go trough the empty module page when browsing the documentation. For a lot / most? functions the complete documentation is in the overview defeating the purpose of the one page per artifact.
And im not a big fan of the one page per artifact style of documentation.

Mike Wey

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