On Sunday, 6 August 2017 at 09:42:03 UTC, Mike Wey wrote:
On 06-08-17 03:25, Johnson Jones wrote:
GtkEventBox - Enter
GtkEventBox - Enter
GtkEventBox - Leave
GtkEventBox - Leave
GtkEventBox - Leave

That is when I move the mouse over the event box then click then move out out then release.

I would expect

Enter Down Leave Up

The fact that enter and leave are not paired equally is a problem. Can be worked around but seems like it would be a bug.

the code is simply

ebox.addOnEnterNotify(delegate(Event e, Widget w)
writeln(w.getName(), " - ", "Enter");
return true;                                    });

ebox.addOnLeaveNotify((Event e, Widget w)
{ writeln(w.getName(), " - ", "Leave");
return true;

Do you have an more complete example that i could test.

I don't really(my code is a bit more complex) but basically all it boils down to is a UI with some nested widgets (an overlay, an box, and a box and one contains the eventbox which I added those callbacks on.

I think that something like


should probably work by just adding an eventbox somewhere and adding that code above.

If it doesn't exhibit the same behavior then it has something to do with my project and I could try to reduce it to a minimal example.

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