On Thursday, 10 August 2017 at 22:27:44 UTC, HyperParrow wrote:
On Thursday, 10 August 2017 at 20:48:23 UTC, Jiyan wrote:
i get the following errors when i try to use dlangui, by just importing the package i get a lot of errors which look like: function std.xml.Item.opEquals does not override any function, did you mean to override 'object.Object.opEquals'?

What is happening there?

The error message is correct but the error is only recognized by the compiler since the latest release. To fix it requires intervention of the author: either "override" must be removed from the opEquals that's indicated or the opEquals parameters must be changed o match exactly the signature used on Object.opEquals.

Until this is done in libdlangui you can use an older compiler, e.g last 2.074.x release should make the error disappearing (since it wasn't detected yet).

Hey thank you for your reply :)

So the strange thing is i had an older compiler (v2.074.1), so
i started running the 2.075 version - with which it worked!
The thing is i can start the 2.075 version only over the activate.sh script in a shell. Can you tell me how i can really use the 2.075 version (without having to run the script each time i open a shell, and why do
i have to do that).

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