On Thursday, 10 August 2017 at 23:38:42 UTC, Jiyan wrote:

So the strange thing is i had an older compiler (v2.074.1), so
i started running the 2.075 version - with which it worked!
The thing is i can start the 2.075 version only over the activate.sh script in a shell. Can you tell me how i can really use the 2.075 version (without having to run the script each time i open a shell, and why do
i have to do that).

Sounds like you used the script from the download page that installs the compiler per user. It's designed to allow you to have multiple versions installed in your user directory and requires you to specify which version you want to activate. You could probably configure your bash shell to activate dmd when you launch it, or you could install dmd via the .deb or .rpm, assuming you're on a Linux flavor.

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