On Wednesday, 4 October 2017 at 20:49:26 UTC, John Gabriele wrote:
Hi all,

This is my first message to this forum. And what a pleasure it is to be here. :)

I was just looking around at what D books are available. I see that Andrei's "The D Programming Language" was published in 2010. What's changed in the language, library, and community since then that I should be aware of if following along with and learning from that book?

Incidentally, is a new edition is on its way any time soon?


I can only recommend his book. You get a "second-hand" insight into all decisions of D2 and Andrei's writing style is very vivid, so one can barely stop reading the book.

In case you are interested on the list of things that have changed, there's http://erdani.com/tdpl/errata (it's mostly just typos though).

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