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learn wrote:
> On Wednesday, 4 October 2017 at 20:49:26 UTC, John Gabriele wrote:
> > What's changed in the language, library, and community since
> > then that I should be aware of if following along with and
> > learning from that book?
> Here's a list of significant things - maybe incomplete:
> https://wiki.dlang.org/Differences_With_TDPL

I didn't even realize that that page existed. I just made some tweaks to it,
though it's still probably far from complete as far as stuff not mentioned
in TDPL goes. As for unimplemented stuff, it made it sound like shared isn't
implemented (which isn't true at all; it just doesn't have memory barriers
like TDPL talks about; the big thing missing for shared is arguably that the
memory model for D needs to be properly defined like C++ finally did, but
TDPL doesn't talk about that at all), and the wiki page didn't list
synchronized classes, which is the other big one that isn't implemented
(though putting synchronized on classes actually has _some_ effect now,
which it didn't until fairly recently).

- Jonathan M Davis

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