On 04/02/2018 7:54 AM, infinityplusb wrote:
Hi all

I'm looking to try and write an interface to C++, but given I'm a casual dabbler in D, it's slightly beyond my current ability in terms of both C++ and D!

As a leg up, how would one translate something like this from C++ to D?

`typedef int (CV_CDECL* CvCmpFunc)(const void* a, const void* b, void* userdata );`

 From my basic understanding I assumed something like:

`alias CvCmpFunc = Typedef!(int) ; `

but then I'm stuck as to where the rest of the parameters would get passed?
Do I just declare it as a function instead? That wasn't my understanding of reading how typedefs worked, however so I'm a little confused.

Any help would be appreciated.


alias CvCmpFunc = extern(C /* I think */) int function(const void* a, const void* b, void* userdata);

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