On Friday, 9 February 2018 at 14:04:05 UTC, Dennis wrote:

I added `pragma(lib, "mupen64plus.lib");` above the extern(C) block. Adding `libs "mupen64plus"` to dub.sdl doesn't make a difference.

Where was the lib file located? Was it in the root project directory? How are you compiling your project? What does your directory tree look like?

The thing that confuses me is that the import lib has symbols without underscore prefix (I see them when running `libunres -p mupen64plus.lib`), but when I change the function pointer declaration into a function declaration it tries to link "_CoreGetAPIVersions" and can't find it.

Yes, the underscore is normally prepended to cdecl functions on Windows. It makes no difference if your function prototypes are properly declared.

I put the .dll's in the root of the project directory by the way. Does that count as a "system library search path"?

That depends. Is that the directory where your executable is written? Are you launching it from inside an Visual Studio or from the command line? Normally, the executable's directory is on the system path, but when using VS the default configuration is to write the executables into configuration-specific subdirectories.

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