On Saturday, 10 February 2018 at 01:23:20 UTC, Ali Çehreli wrote:
> Yup. They are shared by two Typedef instantiations with
different cookies.
> So...
> The question is two-fold:
> Would it help to alter the init value of the Typedef?
> If yes, how to alter it?
> If no, is this a bug?

I think this is a limitation of Typedef.

I can't see a way out (at least one that can support any type E). It should be possible if you can modify E but I can't work something out now.


Ah... From your hint I arrived at the following:

Inside of the struct E I define more then one static array. Namely, one for each Typedef I plan to instantiate. The Typedefs have to be known at compile time, so the amount of them has to be known by me :) Then, during the initialization, I work only with one of the arrays of E, depending on the Typedef I use. During the work inside of E, the object will have to check, which array was initialized and cooperate with this array, as this is the only possibility.

As a workaround this will work, I think... Thanks!

Nevertheless, I would file a bug later on... all ideas are appreciated in the meanwhile.

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