Hi all, I need advice from better developers on this concern.

I'm using an AA to reference another array for quicker access:

alias contactId = string;
bool[contactId][] matches;
ulong[contactId] idsToMatches;

bool[string] matchesForId(string id) {
  return matches.get(idsToMatches[id], bool[string].init);

Just wondering, how do I set the keys to avoid copying the id string? So, let's say ids come from another array of structs(e.g. Contact[]). I want to avoid having two copies of the string id value in both of these AAs above (to avoid using extra memory usage).

The reason this is a potential issue is because these arrays can get extremely large. This is to match duplicate contacts and group them in matches. The reason I use bool is because it's the smallest size type and I don't think I can use void.

I guess my question is: does dmd already create pointers to the id from the AA, or is each new key a new allocation?

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