On Friday, 23 February 2018 at 12:13:11 UTC, Arredondo wrote:
Help using lubeck on Windows

I'd like to experiment with linear algebra in D, and it looks like lubeck is the way to do it right now. However, I'm having a hard time dealing with the CBLAS and LAPACK dependencies.

I downloaded the OpenBLAS binaries for Windows (libopenblas.dll), but I am cluless as to what to do with them. I can't find an example of how to link them/what commands to pass to dmd. Any help deeply appreciated.

openblas.net contains precompiled openblas library for Windows. It may not be optimised well for exactly your CPU but it is fast enought to start. Put the library files into your prodject and add openblas library to your project dub configuration. A .dll files are dinamic, you need also a .lib /.a to link with.

OpenBLAS contains both cblas and lapack api by default.

We defenetely need to add an example for Windows


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