On Sunday, 11 March 2018 at 23:26:04 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
You have to pass a pointer to the function.
Otherwise it'll be a parenthsis-less call.
use :  qsort(recs, num_recs, (Record *).sizeof, &compar);

After passing a pointer, getting some other error messages, I changed the call to

qsort(cast(void *)recs, num_recs, cast(size_t)(Record *).sizeof, &compar);

and the latest error is:

Error: function core.stdc.stdlib.qsort (scope void* base, ulong nmemb, ulong size, extern (C) int function(scope const(void*), scope const(void*)) @system compar) is not callable using argument types (void*, ulong, ulong, int function(const(void*) p1, const(void*) p2))

I fail to see which argument is causing the problem now.


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