On Monday, 12 March 2018 at 01:04:06 UTC, Joe wrote:
and the latest error is:

D's error messages are so bad and shouldn't be hard to fix. It kills me that basic every-day functionality like this isn't a priority to the core devs. I even wrote a patch myself that would call this out but it didn't fit the code style so rejected. Ugh. But behold:

(scope void* base,
ulong nmemb,
ulong size,
extern (C) int function(scope const(void*), scope const(void*)) @system compar)

int function(const(void*) p1, const(void*) p2))

I just reformatted it but now the difference should be visible: `extern(C)` is missing on your callback.

The scope things might make a difference too, but I know for sure extern(C) is necessary on your callback function.

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