On Tuesday, 13 March 2018 at 08:05:43 UTC, psychoticRabbit wrote:
On Tuesday, 13 March 2018 at 06:03:11 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:

I think it's a great feature and I use it frequently. It's allows more flexibility in class design. Without it, we'd need another protection attribute to enable the concept of "private to the module".

what about a new access attribute (and no, I haven't though this through much):

owned string _FirstName;

(now the class 'owns' this.

It is neither readable nor writeable outside the boundary of that class.

This retains the existing flexibilty offered by module level encapsulation, while restoring class level encapsulation/ownership.

or another idea:

ownedBy T string _FirstName;

where T could be 'Module' (meaning it works the way it currently does. The module can read/write to it).

or T could 'Universe' (where universe means everyone can do whatever they want with it).

or T could be 'This'(so class can regain control overs its own members),

The default could be ownedBy Module, to retain existing behaviour.

I'd even go further, with extended attributes...

ownedBy Module Read string _FirstName;
ownedBy Module Write string _FirstName;
ownedBy Module ReadWrite string _FirstName;

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