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> SQLAlchemy is very great, and I remember that <GSOC 2018 Ideas> 
> in D wiki has mentioned this, but the status is "Proposed Project 
> Mentors: TBA".

SQLAlchemy is how SQL building and ORM should be done, in Python. For
other programming languages it has to be an inspiration, but not used
as a template for an API – different languages encourage different
idiomatic solutions to the same problem. I know of a C++11 variant that
had the same approach as SQLAlchemy but done in C++1 idiomatic style,
but then I stopped using C++. I haven't looked for a Rust version yet,
but I am hoping one is there.

If there was a D version of SQLAlchemy, that would be wonderful. Feel
free to s/TBA/Russel Winder/

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